Meet Our Team

Matt Russell


California License: 9010

Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering, CSU Fresno



Ext: 1001



Art DeCamp

California License: 9034

Bachelor of Science in Geology, UC Davis



Ext: 1002




Dirk Slooten




 Slooten Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Dirk Slooten. During his expansive 30-plus year career, he forged the long-lasting business relationships that we are proud to be a part of today, and his expertise is an integral part of this business.

             Art joined the Slooten team in 2006, and Matt came shortly after in 2010. As they learned from Dirk's vast experience in the finer points of surveying, they thrived and quickly became licensed surveyors in 2013. Together they now oversee all of the Slooten Consulting jobs, from contract bidding, research, field coordination and CAD work, to the final stamp of approval on our surveys. Both Art and Matt have worked tirelessly alongside Mr. Slooten to create the successful business that we are today. Together all three men create a balanced, unmatched insight into Surveying.

Mr. Slooten retired in 2016. Today, Art and Matt proudly own and operate the business.